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Guidelines for establishing and operating Holotropic Centers and Holotropic Retreats
As of February 2004

Holotropic Centers and Holotropic Retreats should be operated as independent entities based on the free interpretations of the ideas and philosophies of the organizer. No regulations or rules are necessary.

Nevertheless, it is possible that an individual could operate an unrelated organization under the name of Holotropic Center or Holotropic Retreat, or for the name to be deliberately misappropriated That would cause confusion among the public, and a great deal of trouble for organizers who are operating their centers conscientiously. To prevent this possibility, we hereby stipulate the following minimum guidelines.

Definition of abbreviations
the facility: Holotropic Center or Holotropic Retreat
the center: Holotropic Center
the retreat: Holotropic Retreat
the network: Holotropic Network
A. Holotropic Centers and Holotropic Retreats
1. The purpose of these facilities is to support the personal growth and development of the consciousness of clients. The center operator must always keep this in mind, though there is no need to express this purpose openly. Most clients will be mainly interested in ridding themselves of pain, recovering from fatigue, or in being healed; they might not be thinking of personal growth and consciousness development. The first step, therefore, is to meet client demands.
2. Developing the consciousness is an internal process; outsiders must not force or control this process. Each operator should provide minimum support and guide the individual on the internal journey.
3. Both operators and clients must understand that they should learn and progress together. The operator should not put himself above the client or teach the client.
4. The operator should try to develop his own consciousness. This process is unending; operators should realize that it is ongoing throughout life. The network will provide workshops and seminars for the operators, but participation is optional.
5. The operator should not seem to be strong-arming the client. The operator must not use threats or intimidation to sell services or products.
6. There is no one dogma, philosophy, or methodology in the facility that must be followed. Operators can devise their own methodologies based on their individual philosophies. Operators should not adhere to any particular method on account of narrow-mindedness, but should objectively keep the guidelines in mind and continue the pursuit of learning.
7. Avoid criticizing philosophies or methodologies that are not to your liking. Try to accept the philosophies of others, coexist with them and learn together. Share information and communicate actively with other operators to help each other improve. Avoid promoting the methodology of your facility as being superior to that of others.


It is highly possible that the facility will have some religious bent, but even if this is the case the facility must remain open to peoples of all religions. The facility must not try to force its clients to join any particular religion. As long as the facility follows the guidelines mentioned above, however, it is perfectly acceptable for a religious organization to run a facility.
9. All facilities will operate independently of each other. The network offers advice regarding establishment and operation, support, joint promotion, and information exchange, but no financial support will be provided.
Each facility is free to determine its own fees, but is not to demand unreasonably expensive fees by using trappings of spiritualism and other such decor to attract clients.
10. Establishment of the facility will be carried out under the auspices of the network.
11. The facility must be a corporate member of the network. The corporate membership fee is 100,000 yen per year. This might seem a financial burden for the facility, but because the facility has the requisite ten members by definition, and because a 20 percent discount is given to facilities with that number of members, the financial burden is offset.
12. Even if a facility does not use the name "Holotropic," if the facility has been approved by the network or is a corporate member, it can participate in information exchange and joint promotion.
13. The network can expel any facility if its operation deviates widely from the purpose of the organization; violates the guidelines; or is suspected of having committed crimes or acts against society.
Also, the facility can resign immediately and without question from the organization when continuing in the organization discommodes the facility. After resigning or being expelled from the organization, the operator cannot use the name Holotropic. Dismissal or resignation will be finalized by a written notice as of the date of issue. In either case, the fee will not be refunded.
B. Holotropic Centers: Guidelines for Establishment and Operation
1. The center must fulfill the requirements to operate as a licensed hospital.
2. Medical treatment must focus on natural cures and be mindful of excessive medical intervention. Dispensation of medication, examinations and operations beyond what are necessary are forbidden.
3. Blend into the community, and if possible (although not mandatory), set up and operate a committee with the purpose of promoting wellness among clients and the local community.
4. Focus on the client's psychological well-being. Emotional care should extend beyond treatment of the illness to include support for the client to face having become ill and the process of treatment required. Such acknowledgement on the part of the client is vital for development of the consciousness and personal growth of the patient. Keep in mind that sometimes this emotional support can lead the client toward an "existential transformation."
5. Increase contact with people who are not patients. Help both patients and non-patients to maintain good health.
6. Provide care for those who are approaching death, as well as their families, to enablethem to accept death as a natural conclusion to life. Provide grief care.
7. When the center has reached maturation it should be able to offer six kinds of care: physical, emotional, health maintenance, spiritual, prenatal, perinatal, neonatal, and care of the dying. It would be ideal for such care to be supported by the majority of the members. That is, instead of joining National Health Care insurance, our members will be provided cradle-to-grave care by paying fees to the center. If the number of centers increases, it will be possible for members to enjoy the centers' services even if the members move or are traveling. Currently, of course, such center operation is impossible. Just providing a portion of the six kinds of care within the context of an ordinary clinic is a good enough start. Nevertheless, it is hoped that the operator will have the determination to move one small step at a time toward realization of the ideal facility.
C. Holotropic Retreat
1. The retreat provides basically three types of care: emotional, health maintenance, and spiritual. There is thus no need for a resident doctor or for examinations and medical treatment. Acupuncturists who can practice acupuncture and moxibustion, however, are highly encouraged.
2. The retreat as a rule should provide lodging and healthy meals. It is desirable that the retreat provide healing bodywork, private health care, and services for mental and physical healing as well as relaxation.
3. Actively promote seminars and workshops for the three types of care listed above, and for consciousness development and personal growth.
4. It would be preferable to locate the retreat in a natural environment, such as near the ocean (rivers, lakes), in forests, or at hot springs (not mandatory).