Holotropic Network
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Rules of the Holotropic Network
As of February 4, 2004
1. The Name and its Meaning
This organization is called the Holotropic Network.
The word "holotropic" was created by Dr. Stanislav Grof, and is derived from the Greek words "holos" and "trepein," meaning "moving toward wholeness." Holotropism represents growth and evolution of consciousness as individuals separate from each other toward a whole that harmonizes with the one universe to increase a feeling of unity.
2. Location
122 Yarai-cho, Yarai 2nd Bldg., 3rd Fl. Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0805
3. Objectives
1. Understand the Holotropic concept and help each other attain consciousness development and personal growth.
2. Promote the establishment of Holotropic Centers that help people to live healthy, happy lives from before they are born until the day they die; illnesses and their treatments are all to be handled as part of the great process of personal growth and development of consciousness.
3. Promote the establishment of Holotropic Retreats that aid in personal growth and consciousness development through natural healing that does not include medical examinations or treatment. Holotropic Retreats will have lodging facilities and will provide foods that increase healthiness. As a rule, such Retreats will also provide healing methods such as bodywork, and sponsor seminars and workshops.
4. Holotropic Centers, Holotropic Retreats, and facilities that carry out similar activities under different names are to create a network for the exchange of information and mutual aid, as well as to promote collaboration.
5. Search for various methods by which to develop consciousness, as well as study the Maha Samadi technique of separating from the body during the bliss of meditation (the ideal death). Share information on these methods.
6. Pursue a new society from the viewpoint of consciousness development and personal growth.
4. Organization


This organization can be established with one delegate and one secretariat.
2. Several secretaries are permissible as necessary.
3. The secretariat is responsible for membership, publication of newsletters, planning and holding events. If necessary, it is permissible to remove responsibility for the publishing of newsletters and the holding of events from the secretariat.
4. It is permissible, if necessary for management, to establish a board of directors from multiple secretariats.
5. Participants in the organization other than those stipulated above are called members. There are three types of membership: individual, family, and corporate.
6. Members of the Maha Samadi Study Group will automatically be qualified to become members of the Holotropic Network as of February 2004.
5. Individual Membership
1. Anyone who agrees with the purpose of this organization, cooperates with its operation, and would like to contribute to society as a whole is qualified to become an individual member.
2. The enrollment fee as of February, 2004 is 3000 yen; the monthly fee is 1000 yen, making an annual total of 12,000 yen. Applicants will pay 15,000 yen the first year they join.
3. If several members live together they may apply for family membership.
4. Individual members can resign from the organization by written notice one month before the date of resignation takes effect.
5. The organization can expel any member who acts against the purpose of the organization; who maliciously slanders the organization; who uses the organization for self-aggrandizement, or who is suspected of having committed anti-social or criminal behavior.
6. Enrollment and membership fees are nonrefundable.
7. The organization can notify changes in enrollment and membership fees three months before the change is to take effect.
6. Family Membership
1. Family membership refers to family members or cohabitants who live with an individual member.
2. Newsletters will not be sent out to individual family members.
3. The annual fee for individual members is 12,000 yen; family members pay 3,000 yen. The enrollment fee for both individual and family members is 3,000 yen.
4. All family members hold the same qualifications as individual members.
7. Corporate Membership
1. Any corporation that agrees with the purpose of this organization and would like to support the organization's activities can join as a corporate member.
2. The identities of corporate members will be made public.
3. Corporate membership is on a yearly basis; the membership fee must be paid in one lump sum.
4. Corporate membership fees are subject to change at any time.
The change will be applied at membership renewal time. The corporate membership fee as of February, 2004 is 100,000 yen (enrollment fee is waived).
5. Up to ten employees of a corporate membership company can participate in the organization's events at a time. Corporate members can participate on the same level of qualification as individual members.
6. The organization holds the right to expel immediately and unilaterally by written notice any corporate member who: acts against the purpose of the organization; violates the rules of the organization; uses the organization for self-aggrandizement; or who commits anti-social or criminal behavior. Dismissal goes into effect as of the date of the notification.
7. A corporate member is free to resign at any time via written notification. Effective date of resignation will be the date the notice was issued. Membership fees will not be refunded.
8. In principle, corporate members should belong to Holotropic Centers and Holotropic Retreats, and are to follow the rules of operation as stated separately.
9. Corporate members who belong to Holotropic Centers, Holotropic Retreats, or are engaged in related activities approved by the organization may if they wish publish regularly a newsletter describing their activities and information about their events.
8. Activities
1. The organization will publish a periodical.
2. One periodical will be sent to each individual member; ten copies will be sent to corporate members.
3. Frequency of periodical publication will be stipulated in a separate document.
4. The periodical can also be sold at ordinary bookstores.
5. The organization plans to hold various events (lectures, seminars, tours, etc.) from time to time.
6. Participants at events will be expected to bear the cost as appropriate and depending on the event.
7. It is possible to ask non-members to participate in events. In such cases, there willbe, except under special circumstances, a difference in fees between members and non-members to participate in the event.
8. The organization will engage in publicity to inform the general public of itsexistence and purpose.
9. Rules for Members
1. Members should always have peace of mind and spunk, and seek to develop their consciousnesses and grow emotionally.
2. Members should hope to die happily and peacefully, in the Maha Samadi tradition, when the time comes.
3. Members should have as their starting points the concept of achieving personal growth and consciousness development not only for themselves, but for all people. Members should also acquire the Maha Samadi technique to die happily and peacefully.
4. Members should cooperate in the establishment of Holotropic Centers, Holotropic Retreats, and other facilities with like purposes.
5. Members are actively encouraged to disseminate the information and training techniques they develop themselves or learn at the organization, but should not demand an exorbitant remuneration for their efforts.


Members must refrain from using compulsion or intimidation.
7. Members must avoid becoming self-righteous on account of narrow-mindedness or complacency, but should strive instead to be modest and seek the truth.
8. Members must not contradict individuals or organizations whose ideas are different from their own. Members should strive to develop a new society in which a variety of values and viewpoints can coexist.
9. The most important aspect of the activities of this organization is in the heart of each individual. Thus, each member should take responsibility for choosing information, concepts, philosophies, and techniques based on his or her own intuitions. The organization will research and introduce many kinds of information and techniques for the members, but claims no responsibility for their content.